What’s Next For SpiderMan?



Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion about Sony and Disney not being able to come to terms over the SpiderMan character. Speaking for myself and I’m sure plenty of others have really enjoyed Spiderman being a part of the MCU and seeing him be a part of the story. Tom Holland has also done an awesome job playing the role, and the financial gains surely exemplify that. Personally I believe that in the near future that terms will be met due to the prominence of the character, along with the momentum rolling with End Game and Spiderman into the SpiderVerse. I don’t believe that the talk about these ongoing negotiations will slow down any time soon, especially with the growing power of social media. When the news broke there was a hashtag trending “SaveSpiderMan” that showed the support of the fans who were disappointed in the news.

The character SpiderMan was created by Stan Smith back in the 1960’s and Marvel owned the rights to the character until the 80’s and it bounced around until it made it’s home at Sony. Sony owned the rights to the show since 1999 and when the first Spiderman released in 2002 with Tobey Maguire it shook the entertainment industry. When Marvel had the original rights in the 60’s super hero movies weren’t as popular as they are today. Im sure they regret making that decision now that they see how big the character grew and what it is today. When Sony and Marvel shared the rights starting in 2015 the character had a big role in 4 movies up onto today. I am curious to know if there is more behind this fall out, and curious to see how it will turn out.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next For SpiderMan?

  1. The news is super disappointing for a lot of people, considering how long it took the MCU to acquire some type of Spider-Man ownership. I agree with you that the talks are definitely not over, and there is going to be a lot of logistical discussion as far as plot elements. Sony announced they are still going to have Tom Holland as Spider-Man for two more installments in the series, but I wonder if legally they can still stick to the Tony Stark/Endgame storyline that drove the plot of the first two movies. They’re also going to have to discuss cameos, and I’m curious to see what crossover opportunities are still possible for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU.


    1. Nicholas, your reaction to this article is spoken as a true fan! As media brands grow into huge multi-million dollar franchises, what happens with legal intellectual property and it’s influence on fan culture is something I sure brands think about constantly. Spider-Man is BIG MEDIA MONEY – coming from customers who shell out a lot of dollars to be entertained.


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