Forever 21 facing Copyright Infringement from Ariana Grande

Recent allegations of Copyright infringement against Forever 21 have begun to surface the internet. Over the winter Forever 21’s beauty line, “Riley Rose” had been discussed with Grande’s team. The logistics of a marketing partnership between the artist and the new brand was a concept in mind by the daughters who launched the beauty line. Unfortunately, the price of this campaign was deemed too high for Forever 21’s projected budget.

According to sources, Forever 21 continued to use 30 unauthorized images and videos for their marketing campaign without the consent of Ariana’s team. The images that are shown above replicate Ariana Grande’s appearance in her “7 Rings” music video and the campaign also included lyrics from the hit song as well. Additionally, the marketing caption used in the Twitter post replicated both song lyrics and false endorsement of their product. Grande’s team claims that permission was not granted for the marketing campaign nor does Ariana endorse the company’s products.

This lawsuit comes at a very difficult time for Forever 21, as they approach a possible bankruptcy filing. The company is working with its advisors to recoup their build-up of debt however, the recent rise of this lawsuit may decline the company’s financial improvements. With over 600 stores located throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines Forever 21 faces a large loss if these stores begin to close. Ariana is suing the company for 10 million dollars in copyright damages. We may see the future of Forever 21’s stores become at risk of closure. 


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